Why CTR is Important for AdWords?

September 18, 2012
2-3 minutes
  • Visualize AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) model
  • Learn how AdWords makes money
  • Role of CTR for AdWords, Users and Advertisers

In AdWords CTR is one of the highest priority aspects and defines the largest piece in determining Quality Score for advertisers. It is incorporation of satisfaction, relevancy and profit. See why it is so:

Why CTR is Important for AdWords

Therefore, since CTR metric is aligned with interests of all parties, advertisers need to pay close attention on it and implement effective tactics for its improvement. As the result, increase of CTR will produce following benefits:

  1. Higher Ad Position and more relevant Clicks
  2. Lower Cost per Click (CPC) and more Clicks at a whole (via improving Quality Score)
  3. Better understanding of potential customers’ behavior online

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