The Psychology of Search for AdWords Marketing: Search Cycle and Buying Cycle

September 21, 2012
2-3 minutes
  • Learn Search Cycle and how advertiser’s actions aligned to each stage
  • Role of stages in Buying Cycle for targeting keywords and creating ad copies
  • Visualize volumes in buying cycle and how it influences ROAS

It’s extremely valuable to understand psychology of search: search cycle and buying cycle. These processes influence people’s behavior and thus your AdWords campaigns.

The first and foremost thing to understand is that people do search because they have a need. They don’t just search to explore web. Each seeker has a question (represented in search term) and each is looking for an answer in search engine. Your Ad is a promise of an answer to user’s question; if Ad is related to user’s question – most likely it will be clicked, otherwise your Ad will be ignored.

Search Cycle and Buying Cycle in AdWords

Incorporate these concepts into AdWords management process and you’ll get:

  1. Accurate targeting
  2. Simple and clean AdWords account organization
  3. High return on advertising spending (ROAS)

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