Keywords Toaster for PPC and SEO Experts

February 22, 2013
1-2 minutes

Keywords Tools for PPC and SEOAnnouncing launch of new app for search marketers. You can download and check it now at Chrome Webstore.




The following features are quite new across the tools in this field:
1) All-in-one Keywords Tools on Single Page
2) Immediate Results as You Type
3) Clear and Simple Layout
4) Installable App Which is Independent on Internet Connection


Included tools are aimed for daily use and allow specialists to:
- Wrap keywords (Broad, Broad Modified, Phrase and Exact)
- Permute keywords (e.g. “shoes online store” becomes “shoes store online”, “online store shoes” and so forth)
- Generate typos which is especially great for creating negative keywords list (e.g. ‘car’ becomes ‘cra’ ‘cat’, ‘acr’, etc.)
- Perform usual operations with keywords

The tool is free, quick and easy to install and use. So, find a minute to take a look.
Online Version is also available.

Best Apps List Award
Keywords Toaster Won Best Apps List Award in April, 2013.


You can also suggest features for improvement. So, if any then please feel free to send a message (you’ll find a link within the application).

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Happy using :)

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  • jrs

    I have tried all above tools.. those are great specially Tool by are really cool.

    PPC Performance Tool : Keyword Analyzer is awesome its give us 80-20 analysis.

    Special thanks to suggesting above tools

    • Pavel Reva

      Thanks for sharing thoughts. There are definitely wonderful tools available on LXRmarketplace, worth for checking.

  • dean jackson

    One of the best Google Adwords tips I ever got, from a guy named Simon, was to include a solid mix of the three (four including modified) match types, with the correct proportions of broad, phrase, and exact within each ad group. Most people that get started on PPC don’t think to do things that way. If you want to talk to Simon, you can call him at 302-401-4478 .