Keywords Toaster for PPC and SEO Experts

February 22, 2013
1-2 minutes

Announcing launch of new app for search marketers. You can download and check it now at Chrome Webstore.

Extended View of AdWords Ad Position

October 5, 2012
2-3 minutes

Learn how Ad Position influence costs Visualize difference between two ways of improving Ad Position Learn how Ad Position reversely influence Quality Score Did you try to calculate before what Ad Position can bring you max. value within defined budget? …

Google AdWords Ad Auction

September 25, 2012
3-4 minutes

Visualize how Ad Auction works. Practice yourself and find the best tactic to maintain your costs and positions.

The Psychology of Search for AdWords Marketing: Search Cycle and Buying Cycle

September 21, 2012
2-3 minutes

How people search? What Ads they click and what don’t? What segments to focus to get most ROAS? Learn more in this article…

Google AdWords Quality Score

September 20, 2012
1-2 minutes

Find out the role of Quality Score in AdWords, why it’s so important and how it is calculated.