Google AdWords Quality Score

September 20, 2012
1-2 minutes
  • Role of Quality Score in AdWords
  • Learn how Quality Score is calculated

Quality Score is an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing page are to a person seeing your ad. Since Ads relevance is crucial for the AdWords long-term success, there was punishment / reward policy developed to stimulate advertisers creating better Ads (read details in Interests Alignment: AdWords, Advertisers, Users).

Google AdWords Quality Score

CTR takes the hugest piece in determining Quality Score (read Why CTR is Important for AdWords) which is mostly depends on users and advertisers rather than AdWords. Other two components (Relevance and Landing page experience) depend mostly on AdWords and advertisers rather than users.

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  • Kyle Jones

    Here’s a question you should be asking yourself about your PPC: Are the correct negatives being added to your account based on empirical analysis, and are precautions being made to make sure these negatives do not conflict with active keywords? As in, are you blocking the bad traffic with negative keywords based on real data? If not, consider what that’s probably costing you in wasted ad spend. Just note that you don’t want to throw in just any variation of keywords into the negative space because you don’t want to create conflicts with the good working keywords. I had Simon help me out with this before. I’m sure he’d be willing to talk to you too if you just give him a ring at 302-401-4478 and tell him you need some help with your PPC campaigns.