Extended View of AdWords Ad Position

October 5, 2012
2-3 minutes
  • Learn how Ad Position influence costs
  • Visualize difference between two ways of improving Ad Position
  • Learn how Ad Position reversely influence Quality Score

Did you try to calculate before what Ad Position can bring you max. value within defined budget? Being first doesn’t mean to have higher performance like to receive more clicks or conversions. Context of AdWords campaigns often left without attention. But AdWords economics requires to calculate everything including competition, budget, search volumes, positions and etc.

The following graphic unveils simple but powerful concept of relation between Ad Position and Costs:

Important to notice Expected CTR factor and its influence on Quality Score. It is a great indicator for measuring your relevance and readiness to be on desired position, unless you don’t care about costs.

Below you can practice yourself by changing Ad Position to desired state while realizing it’s influence on your costs.

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