How To Preload Images on Product Details Page in BigCommerce Store

May 2, 2013
2-3 minutes

Every usability improvement (even small) on a website eliminates one of user distraction sources. In its turn it makes users feel good on a website a bit longer. Therefore, you have more time to deliver your offers and engage them.

Website performance takes one of the most significant roles in usability. The faster content has been loaded in front of user, the less bored he or she becomes.

Product Details pages in BigCommerce is one of the most visited pages (really, check your Google Analytics data). Those who have many product images for each product have to implement images load optimization tricks without hesitation, for others it’s optional.

Every time when user moves mouse over tiny thumbnail images – small product image is being loaded. Basically, product image disappears for 0.5-1 second and then appears new one. Same happens when user moves mouse over that small image and Image Zoom appears.

All these points of user disconnection with the content might be eliminated and provide to users uninterrupted interaction with things they want to see. There are 2 ways to make images appear immediately:

  1. Add JavaScript code to preload images
  2. Change BigCommerce template file for the same purpose

1. Adding JavaScript code
This relies on jQuery framework which is used in BC by default. Just add the following JS code to your scripts file:

Or create new JS file and include it HTMLHead.html template file:


2. Changing BC Template file
Find ProductTinyImage.html file in /template/Snippets/ folder. It should look like following:

Now add two lines there:

So, it will look like following:

Both options works well so it up to you which one to choose. Such approach increases overall page load by ~10-500ms (depends on various obstacles), but this delay appears in scope of user readiness to wait. Actually, you won’t even recognize visually that delay. Along with that it gives crucial benefit to show images immediately when user wants to interact with them.

If you have any questions or ideas for improvement, comment below.

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Keywords Toaster for PPC and SEO Experts

February 22, 2013
1-2 minutes

Keywords Tools for PPC and SEOAnnouncing launch of new app for search marketers. You can download and check it now at Chrome Webstore.




The following features are quite new across the tools in this field:
1) All-in-one Keywords Tools on Single Page
2) Immediate Results as You Type
3) Clear and Simple Layout
4) Installable App Which is Independent on Internet Connection


Included tools are aimed for daily use and allow specialists to:
- Wrap keywords (Broad, Broad Modified, Phrase and Exact)
- Permute keywords (e.g. “shoes online store” becomes “shoes store online”, “online store shoes” and so forth)
- Generate typos which is especially great for creating negative keywords list (e.g. ‘car’ becomes ‘cra’ ‘cat’, ‘acr’, etc.)
- Perform usual operations with keywords

The tool is free, quick and easy to install and use. So, find a minute to take a look.
Online Version is also available.

Best Apps List Award
Keywords Toaster Won Best Apps List Award in April, 2013.


You can also suggest features for improvement. So, if any then please feel free to send a message (you’ll find a link within the application).

Additionally, you might want to check other similar tools which could work better for your needs. So, here they are:
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PPC Keyword Combination Tool by

Happy using :)

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Extended View of AdWords Ad Position

October 5, 2012
2-3 minutes
  • Learn how Ad Position influence costs
  • Visualize difference between two ways of improving Ad Position
  • Learn how Ad Position reversely influence Quality Score

Did you try to calculate before what Ad Position can bring you max. value within defined budget? Being first doesn’t mean to have higher performance like to receive more clicks or conversions. Context of AdWords campaigns often left without attention. But AdWords economics requires to calculate everything including competition, budget, search volumes, positions and etc.

The following graphic unveils simple but powerful concept of relation between Ad Position and Costs:

Important to notice Expected CTR factor and its influence on Quality Score. It is a great indicator for measuring your relevance and readiness to be on desired position, unless you don’t care about costs.

Below you can practice yourself by changing Ad Position to desired state while realizing it’s influence on your costs.

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Google AdWords Ad Auction

September 25, 2012
3-4 minutes
  • Visualize how Google Ad Auction works
  • Learn how Ad Rank and Ad Position are calculated
  • Role of Max CPC and Quality Score in determining Ad Rank
  • Learn how Actual CPC and Avg. CPC are calculated

Every time users make query in Google, Ad Auction runs in AdWords. Millions of advertisers are bidding every single time to appear in front of potential customers with their offer. All this happens automatically and transparently to users and advertisers within milliseconds. Such powerful machine brought Google around $36 billion revenue in 2011.

For advertisers important to know, that the way how Ad Auction works influences their:

  1. Ad Eligibility
  2. Ad Position
  3. Cost per Click

Google AdWords Ad Auction

In the calculator below you can quickly taste the influence of your Max. CPC and Quality Score to your Ad Rank, Ad Position and Actual CPC. Just try to change yours and competitor’s values to see the impact:

Also, you might want to watch the presentation about Ad Auction by Hal Varian (Chief Economist is AdWords):

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The Psychology of Search for AdWords Marketing: Search Cycle and Buying Cycle

September 21, 2012
2-3 minutes
  • Learn Search Cycle and how advertiser’s actions aligned to each stage
  • Role of stages in Buying Cycle for targeting keywords and creating ad copies
  • Visualize volumes in buying cycle and how it influences ROAS

It’s extremely valuable to understand psychology of search: search cycle and buying cycle. These processes influence people’s behavior and thus your AdWords campaigns.

The first and foremost thing to understand is that people do search because they have a need. They don’t just search to explore web. Each seeker has a question (represented in search term) and each is looking for an answer in search engine. Your Ad is a promise of an answer to user’s question; if Ad is related to user’s question – most likely it will be clicked, otherwise your Ad will be ignored.

Search Cycle and Buying Cycle in AdWords

Incorporate these concepts into AdWords management process and you’ll get:

  1. Accurate targeting
  2. Simple and clean AdWords account organization
  3. High return on advertising spending (ROAS)

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